Why should we care about algorithms? In mathematics and computer science, algorithms are a self contained sequence of actions to be performed. They can perform calculations, data processing, and automated reasoning tasks. In other words, an algorithm is simply a procedure. Let’s look at a real world example of an algorithm.

Remember Yellow Pages? It’s a telephone directory of businesses that are organized alphabetically. If I wanted to find the phone number of Venmo for example, the simplest way would be to flip every page starting from the beginning until I reach the “V” section. Doing this would ensure I…

React makes the code we write easier to manage, easier to re-use, and easier to make sense of. When it comes to writing forms, we shouldn’t have to deviate from that structure. React allows for uncontrolled and controlled components. Without using this framework, when we intend to grab data from our forms, we do it in an uncontrolled fashion. It requires lots of DOM node traversal which can be rather time consuming if our form has several sections to fill out. Let’s check out an uncontrolled component in React.

handleSubmit = (event) => {
const favSnack =

You just came up with a new app idea and have your mind set on building it from scratch. Unfortunately your dreams hit a brick wall when you realize you don’t even know where to start. Ideally it would be nice to just open up your laptop and do this…

Instead you stare at a blank text editor as you contemplate on what to do? You know the app must follow the recipe for success being; CRUD functionality supplied with RESTful convention. Let’s take a look at how you may approach this. The first thing that comes to mind…

Throughout my coding journey, there were many times where I just sat and stared at my screen to figure out what someone else had written. Whenever I had to dissect code to understand what was happening, I found that the more lines of code there were, the easier it was to break down. I was able to clearly pinpoint and visualize exactly what was happening line by line.

The curve ball arrived when I learned that writing one small word could be as powerful as writing 15 lines of code. It baffled me that it could be that simple. How…

Sid Jagarlamudi

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